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The Retreats

Their psilocybin-assisted retreats offer a safe, legal and supportive environment to experience a psychedelic journey, which can help you experience greater freedom, wholeness and creative flow. The psychedelic used at the retreats is the psilocybin-containing truffle, and the retreats take place in the Netherlands, where psilocybin truffles are legal.

Potential benefits of psychedelics

Psychedelics can shift us out of our everyday perception and help open us up to a larger, mountain-top perspective from which new insights can arise. They can help us make better sense of our past, coming to terms with hardships we’ve faced and understanding how past wounds might be influencing our current life. And they can put us in touch with a deep well of inner resources with which we can begin addressing and transforming patterns we are stuck in. For many, psychedelic journeys are also a first glimpse into ‘the Great Mystery’, and the spiritual dimension of life.

Psychedelics are not enough


While psychedelics can open us to what is important in life, and steer our course, such experiences alone cannot keep us on track. To deepen the insights gained during a psychedelic journey into a new way of life, we must address what is blocking us from experiencing our full freedom, wholeness and potential. We do so by attending to the various dimensions of our human experience: the relationship with ourselves, with others, with the natural world and the mystery of life. This is the underlying principle woven into all our work and every one of our retreats.